Our Typical Day


Cove Country Preschool’s schedule is flexible, however, structure is important so our day usually looks like the following:

  1. Our day will begin outdoors with the animals and usually a hike. Children are given the freedom to explore and try different learning activities.
  2. Project time – art projects, games, science and other methods will be used to engage your child in learning about the world, others and him/herself.
  3. Snack time – as often as possible the children will participate in the preparation, serving and clean up of their snack.
  4. Story time – this is our time to check in with one another, children will have a chance to practice language and communication skills through show and tell, we will sing songs and read stories.
  5. Movement – large and small muscle play through dance, music, rhythm exercises and other movement experiences.
  6. Closing – a final wrap up of the day’s activities